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Beautiful. Just beautiful. There is literally no other words I can think of to describe this piece of artwork. It's stunning, the colou...

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Power Rangers: Sun Vulcan (by Drenduh Tyrof) by MadRedX12 Power Rangers: Sun Vulcan (by Drenduh Tyrof) :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 6 0 AlexXSean Reaction Meme by MadRedX12 AlexXSean Reaction Meme :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 3 1 Dinkleburg Made Me Upload This, I swear! by MadRedX12 Dinkleburg Made Me Upload This, I swear! :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 2 0 Power Rangers: Electric Fighters (by Drenduh Tyrof by MadRedX12 Power Rangers: Electric Fighters (by Drenduh Tyrof :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 5 0 When I'm browsing on deviantART by MadRedX12 When I'm browsing on deviantART :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 5 2
Give a Hoorah for the Biting Pear of Salamanca!
Over the fields of the worldwide web he rode
He feared not 4Chan's hot nor Reddit's cold
One of our guardians, all give a hoorah
For the Biting Pear of Salamanca!
He came before many other arrived on the scene
He cleaned the insanity and gave us a new kind that was bright and clean
Friend for many years, all give a hoorah
For the Biting Pear of Salamanca!
And now, on this day, the Biting Pear
of Salamanca, stands by my side, breathing the same air
He continues to wander this wretched wasteland
Called the Internet, coated in sand
Of memes that may be dead or partially alive
But still, he does not give up the jive
He continues to thrive in the hearts
Of his followers, who share pear tarts
To all who want to learn more about this magnificent fruit
Who, with his trusty rodent, gave us truth
Feelings, and laughter, and friendship all around
There's no greater fruit to be found
So, for all who read, please give a hoorah
For the Biting Pear of Salamanca!
Everybody everywhere, give a hoorah
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 2 1
Squad Meme by MadRedX12 Squad Meme :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 16 3 Fav Fire Elementals by MadRedX12 Fav Fire Elementals :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 6 5 Power Rangers: Resistance (by Drenduh Tyrof) by MadRedX12 Power Rangers: Resistance (by Drenduh Tyrof) :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 8 3
Blazing inferno, hear my call
May our power rise and our enemies fall
Crashing tides, I plead to you
Give me your balance, and your healing too
Blowing wind, join me on my tale
May evil die and good prevail
Ancient earth, send me your strength
Together we will crush and make them repent
Unmovable rock, I need your power
We can work together and make them cower
Biting cold, come close to me
If we send out a snowstorm, then let it be
Shining light, bask me in your glow
I must have courage, and your knowledge I must know
Mysterious shadow, envelop me in fear
With you by my side, their end is near
Striking lightning, shoot across the sky
Armed with your power, I will make them die
Shining iron, maker of items
I need you, I need to be enlightened
Spirits long gone, I have a quest that must be done
Your power I need to destroy a ton
Formless energy, travel into my skin
Without need to rest, I can make a din
Powers of sky, powers of fire
Powers of the ground, go ever higher
Powers of the air,
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 2 3
Will You?
Will anyone miss me if I go?
I think maybe someone will, though
I can never really be sure
What exactly my brain will implore
It works outside of me, it's a different person
And everyday I think my main problem worsens
My own thoughts scare me
And every single treacherous day, we
See, but not eye to eye
So I just need to ask you something, a question of life
Who's gonna help me across the dark side of the moon?
Who's gonna help me survive the perils of the month of June?
Who's gonna stay with me when I can never sleep?
Who's gonna get me out of these nightmares whenever I'm creeped?
Who's gonna go
To my home
And help me when I'm crying and all alone?
I'm totally not a sleuth
To tell you the truth
I don't know who
But I'm kinda hoping it'd be you
Well, will you?
To put it politely, I'm right dumb
My speech is never focused, it's always random
Sure, I'm not that rich, or at all strong
But I'm hoping you'll look over that and let me feel like I belong
Yeah, I know, my face makes people hu
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 1 0
Power Rangers: Ancient Guardians (by Drenduh Tyrof by MadRedX12 Power Rangers: Ancient Guardians (by Drenduh Tyrof :iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 7 3
Day of the Dumpster, Part 1
Angel Grove, California. A peaceful place to live. What was most known about the town was how active teenagers and young adults in the town were. Academics were higher than the national average and nearly all the under 25 populace were concerned for things that most youths did not care for, such as the environment and the importance of honour. The Angel Grove Youth Centre was a very popular hangout for teens and young adults, who were free to study, swim, bowl, do gymnastics, train, dance, and take martial arts classes, which were the most popular classes in the youth centre. These classes were taught by Jason Lee Scott, a well-built, black haired high school senior of mixed race. He was one of the youngest accomplished black belts his age.
"Right kick up!" He commanded, the class of nine year olds following. "Left kick up!"
He continued the drills for a minute until the class ended and he kneeled down to make eye contact with them. This was very important to him. He wanted them to kno
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 0 7
The Sleepless
It’s 1:12 AM, and once more sleep evades me. It’s been like this all my life. I lie in my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of nothing. Nothing at all. I'm tired, and yet I cannot sleep. What can I do with my mind right now?
"Come up with a idea for a new poem." I hear that voice again. It sounds so much like mine, but at the same time it sounds so different. I grunt. I always come up with the best ideas while I'm just lying in bed, listening to the wind and rain and void, and when it's finally morning, I've forgotten them all. It's so annoying.
Finally, he shuts up. Talking to the voices in my head is tiring. Tiring? Maybe I can finally fall asleep. I close my eyes and begin to count sheep, just to help with the process. One sheep. Two sheep.
I stop at forty-nine. There’s no point. I look at the clock, and it’s now two in the morning. There’s no point in trying anymore.  
I get out of bed and stretch. Might as well get the day started.
I looked t
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 0 0
And Then There Were Ten, Part 1
Near the gas giant known as Jupiter, a small green and silver spaceship weaved through a meteor shower, spinning and twisting to dodge the energy blasts of the much larger crimson and orange battleship following it from behind. The battleship fired a powerful laser from one of its many cannons. A direct hit! The smaller ship was thrown sideways from the impact before regaining its path and retaliating with its own lasers, burning two deep holes in the hull. On board the monstrous warship relentlessly pursuing the small transport, a humanoid alien clad in an orange jumpsuit and wearing a metal helmet studied the flashing lights on the computer panel just as another blast shook the ship.
"Hull damage 20%!" The soldier exclaimed, reading the stastic on the computer panel before turning to the captain of the ship. "But the ship and all life support functions are still fully operational!"
The captain of the ship sat in his chair, the top half of his body cloaked in shadow except for his red
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 3 0
Winter Sky
Every day I’m getting up, and looking at the winter sky
Every day I’m getting up, and watching the days fly by
Every day I’m getting up, and still looking at it
Winter sky
Every day, it’s dark by five, and I have to sit in front of the computer
Every day, it’s dark by five, and I’m left thinking like a looter
Every day, it’s dark by five, and I head outside with my J-lay, and gaze up at the
Winter sky
The sky that everyone sees as a bad omen, and they think they’re smart
The sky that comes with the season that’s as cold as my heart
The sky of winter, the sky of coldness, the sky they call
Winter sky
I look up, January month, and I’m still looking up with my eye
The same old dome over me that’s so high
The same immortal dome that’s been given a paint job of steel silver dye
It’s still all the way up there, clouds going by
It’s the same old thing, the same old
Winter sky
Rainstorms come and go, the wind i
:iconmadredx12:MadRedX12 2 3


Dragon Poachers by JonasDeRo Dragon Poachers :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 3,862 184 emperfekt.. by devils-horizon emperfekt.. :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 363 75 Ranger of Artimas by Luches Ranger of Artimas :iconluches:Luches 1,814 129 extants by aerroscape extants :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 1,491 89 Wild Skies cover by edsfox Wild Skies cover :iconedsfox:edsfox 86 6 SHADOWFALL - Keeper of the Frozen Wilds by LarryWilson SHADOWFALL - Keeper of the Frozen Wilds :iconlarrywilson:LarryWilson 471 64 Wild Force by LuLebel Wild Force :iconlulebel:LuLebel 97 31 Victory of the wild by jameswolf Victory of the wild :iconjameswolf:jameswolf 770 25 Echoes Of Tomorrow by MoodyBlue Echoes Of Tomorrow :iconmoodyblue:MoodyBlue 195 38 echoes by anthony-g echoes :iconanthony-g:anthony-g 173 51 Echoes by EmilyHeatherly Echoes :iconemilyheatherly:EmilyHeatherly 82 33 Echoes by TylerCreatesWorlds Echoes :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 397 77 Aftermath Echoes by JoeyJazz Aftermath Echoes :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 751 88 Echoes of the Void 2 by TylerCreatesWorlds Echoes of the Void 2 :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 716 51 Echoes of the Void 1 by TylerCreatesWorlds Echoes of the Void 1 :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 740 64



Power Rangers: Sun Vulcan (by Drenduh Tyrof)
This is a pic my man Drenduh Tyrof :icondrenduh-tyrof: made for me for a Sun Vulcan adaptation I'm writing. Check his stuff out, if you can.
This cannot be stressed enough, he is a great artist and one of my best friends. You need to go see him and his work.
Vul Eagle, Vul Shark and Vul Panther (recoloured green) © Toei
The other three (Yellow, White and Silver) are OCs I made myself.
RIP Adam West. Just wanted to say that.
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I'm a writer, art appreciator and music fan. Feel free to read my original literature and fanfiction and if you like it, please fav and watch. I'm also close friends with Drenduh Tyrof, so please check out his artwork.

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Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05
::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05
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